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David's Tea advent

Hello everyone!

It's December already? Where has time gone? It's Christmas time again!
Hope you're all enjoying the Christmas spirit cause I totally am!

If you're a frequent steeper and a huge tea lover like me, this advent is perfect for you!
(I'm afraid they might be sold out though. But still, check 'em out!)

I was so happy when my mom surprised me with this. 
Last year, I had the 12-days-of-tea from David's tea and it was amazingly good!
And recently, I was giving my family hints that David's tea came up with another set 
(12 days of tea set) and how I really really want them. 
Little did I know that my mom already ordered the advent calendar! It arrived kind of late, but hey, 
it means more tea for me even after Christmas! *insert celebrating emoji*

Love the packaging this year! All the colours I love in one big box!
Once you open the box, you'll get a burst of amazing fruity/nutty/magical scent!

(I just had to include my penguin mug in one of the photos. Cause if you don't know yet, I'm obsessed with penguins!)

First day was snow day, which I had before, and still taste as good as the first time I had it. 
Since the advent came late, I opened all nine teas and they seem amazing! I'm really excited to try new flavours like Coffee Cake, Jumpy Monkey, and Chocolate Covered Almond (!!!).

I think this is such a great gift for people who loves tea and for people who haven't tried David's Tea. It's a great way to taste all the amazing flavours they have!
Oh! Another great thing about this advent is that they tell you what the tea is (either green, black, white, oolong),  how to prepare them,  and the caffeine level. 
There's definitely a tea for everyone!


Are you guys tea lover as well?! Lemme know! Which one is your favourite?